Weekly Accountability Sessions


In these private weekly 30-minute mini-sessions, Katy will help you get organized, improve your grades, or identify your major and career path. Accountability sessions are designed to help you stay motivated, follow through and determine your next steps. These sessions are for any first-year or continuing college student who knows what they need to do but needs help actually doing it.

Prior to this session, you will be asked to complete an intake survey to help me assess your biggest needs so that our time together can be focused on your next best steps. 

Once you book your session, I will contact you with scheduling details. 

Weekly Accountability Sessions are sold in 4-session bundles. 

*contact katy@collegehoodadvice.com to inquire about payment plan option

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Client Agreement

1 Lessons

Please review and sign this client agreement prior to our first meeting to make sure we are on the same page about our work together.

Intake Form

1 Lessons

Complete this quick 10 question intake form before our first meeting to help me get to know you and your goals better. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Here you will schedule your meetings with Katy, but you must submit your client agreement and complete your intake form prior to our very first meeting. 

Weekly Meetings 101

1 Lessons

This is a step-by-step overview of where our meetings take place, what to expect from our weekly meetings, and how to reschedule.

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