Most Motivated Week Ever Challenge [Free]


Are you a master procrastinator? Like you really need to write that paper, but instead, you're baking cookies, watching Netflix, and doing your laundry; only to feel guilty and annoyed with yourself later when you have no other choice but to get your stuff done. 

This free 5-day challenge will light a fire under your tush so you can take care of your to-do list in a way that will make you proud and give you time to spare for the things that matter most like you and your humans. 

Challenge runs March 25 - March 29


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5 Lessons

Know Your Motivation Style

1 Lessons

Today we're uncovering your baseline motivation style and signature procrastination move.

What's Your Why

1 Lessons

Today we're identifying your "why" and learning how to use it to push through even when motivation is low. 

Be In The Now
Stay Accountable
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