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The Collegehood Library is a great place to start building the skills, habits, and behaviors you need to thrive during college.

Inside you'll find my favorite tools and systems for earning great grades, getting organized, reducing stress, figuring out your major, and gaining the relevant experience you need to succeed at college and beyond graduation. 

The Collegehood Library is organized into 5 modules. Each module includes a podcast playlist, guides, and downloadable tools to help you level up that aspect of your college experience. 

This completely FREE resource is filled with the most essential first steps anyone looking to crush it at college should take to start doing their best work during college.


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Start Here

3 Lessons

Start here to unlock the other 5 modules in the starter kit. Here you'll learn how to access the Collegehood Library from your phone like an app, share your concerns about college, and get to know a little more about me. 

Think of it like Collegehood Library orientation.

Earn Better Grades

3 Lessons

Earn the grades you want without stress, exhaustion, overwhelm and no social life. Inside you'll find a curated podcast playlist, earn better grades starter guide, and grade tracking tool to help you improve your academic performance. 

Get Organized

5 Lessons

One of the fastest ways to succeed in college is to get organized. In this module, you'll find guides, tools, and a curated podcast playlist to help you manage time, organize your life, boost productivity, and create efficient systems to help you get your stuff done while also leaving time for YOU. 


Figure Out Your Major

4 Lessons

The pressure to figure out what you want to do with your life is turned up to high during college. Figuring out your major is right for you is not always easy. It takes understanding yourself, your interests, and available opportunities. In this module, I'll help you start doing just that with a curated podcast playlist, choose the right major starter guide, and an exercise to help you clearly understand your unique personality.


Stay Healthy

3 Lessons

College can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. The pressure of college can challenge our physical, emotional, and psychological wellness. In this module, you'll find a curated be healthy podcast playlist, a managing stress starter guide, and a get better sleep starter guide to help you build healthy habits during college. 


Build Your Resume

4 Lessons

75% of college students report not taking advantage of the key experiences need to be a successful professional. In this module, learn how to take full advantage of your investment in the college experience. Here you'll find resources to help you get involved on your campus, create a network, and identify which opportunities nurture your goals. 

Set Goals that Stick Workshop

1 Lessons

Deep dive workshops with me to help boost your grades, clarify your path or productivity and organization.