Collegehood Academy


The Collegehood Academy is a program for first-year and continuing college undergrads who need help earning great grades, getting organized, and finding a major they love.

And it’s packed with in-depth coaching, practical information, and resources to help them earn good grades, get organized and figure out their major with a highly experienced professional academic advisor, college success coach, and college level instructor, Katy Oliveira.

PLUS it includes a supportive community to help you get motivated and follow through on your college goals.

The Collegehood Academy Will Help You:

✔️Select the Right Major. Select a major that actually aligns with who you are and leads to a successful career.

✔️Earn Good Grades: Teach you how to learn. Plus, crack the code on earning good grades all while maintaining a healthy social life.

✔️Get Organized: Get more stuff done. Guide them to take control of their time and organize their life.

✔️Reduce Stress: Create a college life that is healthy, fulfilling and well balanced.

✔️Connect to Campus: Take full advantage of your time in college. Learn how to leverage your unique skills, build a supportive network, and access cool experiences.

✔️Manage Mindset: Remove habits, behaviors, and beliefs that might be holding you back from harnessing your full potential.

✔️Stay Accountable: Actually, follow through on your goals.  Teach you how to take action with the support and guidance of a positive community.

The Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Success Seminars
  • Bi-monthly Live Coaching Calls
  • Private Student Community
  • Resource Library

Who the Membership IS For:

✅ Community College or University Freshman looking to start their college experience off strong.

✅Current college students who want a fresh start and need help improving their grades, getting organized, or identifying their major.

✅Rising college students…a.k.a. graduating high school seniors or recent high school grads about to leave for college.

✅College students interested in their own personal development and growth.

✅Students interested in getting the most value from their investment in college, not just settling for okay.

✅Action takers who aren’t just going to lurk in the membership and never implement new strategies or do the work.

Who the Membership is NOT For:

❌Experienced college students with strong organization, great grades, and a clear major.

❌Anyone looking for a quick fix, hacks, and are not willing to dedicate the time it takes to do good work.

❌Someone who doesn’t believe it’s possible to grow, change, and develop yourself.

❌Students who need a licensed therapist or specialized support for psychological conditions or learning differences. Students with these conditions are welcome to join, however, there is no specialized content for these conditions in the membership content. 

❌People who want someone to do the work for them. This is a space to learn strategies and access tools that YOU can implement into your daily life.

❌People expecting guaranteed results. I know what I teach works, but I can’t guarantee specific results from following my advice. No one can make that promise.

**The Next Collegehood Academy Session Starts August 2019**

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